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EPCIS/GS1 Compliant Repository

SAGA is the heart of the EPCIS solutions Persequor brings to the market. Based on scalable technologies it enables storing, processing, and analysing billions of track and trace events.

SAGA is currently running at some of the world's biggest manufacturers. It keeps track of each and every produced item, its packaging, shipping, re-packaging, all the way to the retail layer.

SAGA is also deployed as part of government solutions as a central repository. Manufacturers, importers, couriers, shipping agents, re-sellers, etc. report relevant track and trace information to this repository. This effectively gives one aggregated picture of the manufacturing, movement, and consumption of certain products.

Products tracked since 20th of May 2019


TPD Primary Repository

Like its cousin SAGA, INVENI is a scalable solution for storing, processing, and analysing billions of track and trace events.

INVENI is specialised for TPD - both in terms of functionality and event data following the format stipulated by the EU.

60% of all products relevant to TPD are being stored in Primary Repository solutions based on INVENI. This accumulates to more than 18bn unique items tracked per year - tracked all the way from manufacturing, shipping and final delivery to the retail layer.


View products and events by tracking digital twins

VILA is our Virtual Item Level Aggregation solution which enables manufacturers across industries to track, trace and obtain a view of their physical products by creating and tracking digital twins.

The technology allows for the collection of data and events from existing hardware and other non-intrusive IoT devices. It therefore allows for track and trace capabilities without having to purchase and install expensive hardware and machinery to do full item level serialisation.

Although VILA can be viewed as an entry or first step to incorporating track and trace and digital functionalities into the supply chain, it can also be applied to industries with established track and trace functionalities.

We believe that this solution is especially well suited for the food and beverage industry and can assist with tracking relating to ensuring food safety.

If you would like to see a demo of VILA, please send us an email to

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Since 26th of May 2021

Saga Modules


We partner with solution integrators and providers who are experts in supply chain management, optimization, digitization and regulatory compliance. Together we create and implement customized solutions for a wide range of industries who require track and trace functionalities.

Our white label solution, SAGA, is used as the foundation and central repository of these solutions. Industry-, organization-, or regulatory specific SAGA Modules are developed to complement and support varied track and trace partner solutions. By delivering these software elements we empower our partners to focus on other parts of the customer solution(s) that they provide.

We deliver and continue to develop distinct modules for the industries relevant to our partners. To date we have together delivered track and trace solutions for the manufacturing -, tobacco-, medical cannabis and asset tracking industries.

Two of our latest additions to our suite of industry specific modules are:

(1) an interconnected SAGA MESH Module for the Medical Device industry. The SAGA MESH module for the medical device industry was inspired by Article 25 of the EU MDR (Medical Device Regulation) which focuses on the identification of medical devices within the supply chain and the requirement that all economic operators across the networks of supply chains need to be able to report on the movements, supply and acceptance of medical devices. Download and read more about: "How a distributed solution can assist with MDR Track and Trace compliance.".

(2) the Chestny ZNAK (CRPT) Sub-Module for compliance with the Russian Traceability Regulation. This SAGA sub-module assists manufacturers and distributors to seamlessly connect and ensure optimal data exchange with Chestny ZNAK (CRPT). Hereby assisting in compliance with the Russian traceability regulation. The SAGA Chestny ZNAK (CRPT) Sub-Module focuses on goods to be imported into Russia. Download our brochure, outlining the technical aspects and architecture of our SAGA Compliance Suite - for Chestny ZNAK.