EPCIS Compliant Repository

SAGA is the heart of the EPCIS solutions Persequor brings to the market. Based on scalable technologies it enables storing, processing, and analysing billions of track'n'trace events.

SAGA is currently running at some of the world's biggest manufacturers. It keeps track of each and every produced item, its packaging, shipping, re-packaging, all the way to the retail layer.

SAGA is also deployed as part of government solutions as a central repository. Manufacturers, importers, couriers, shipping agents, re-sellers, etc. report relevant track'n'trace information to this repository. This effectively gives one aggregated picture of the manufacturing, movement, and consumption of certain products.

Products tracked since January 2019
Products tracked since 20th of May 2019


The Core of TPD Primary Repositories

Like its cousin SAGA, INVENI is a scalable solution for storing, processing, and analysing billions of track'n'trace events.
INVENI is specialised for TPD - both in terms of functionality and event data following the format stipulated by the EU.
60% of all products relevant to TPD are being stored in Primary Repository solutions based on INVENI. This accumulates to more than 18bn unique items tracked per year. Tracked all the way from manufacturing, shipping and final delivery to the retail layer.